Jehangir’s Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. The palace was built in way back 17th century A.D. by the ruler of the region Bir Singh Deo. It was built to symbolize warm reception the Mughal Emperor Jahangir was accorded during his first visit to the city. This three-storied structure is an architectural gem and marked by hanging balconies, apartments and porches.

The onion-shaped domes that cover the central courtyard of the palace lend this structure a unique identity. Jahanghir Mahal is a remarkable structureand a perfect example of the Indo-Islamic architecture. Its architectural grandeur is accentuated by the use of topped domes, delicate chhatris and trellis. Historians consider it perhaps the most magnificent monument of the Bundela reign, which is why it’s visited by visitors in huge numbers.

Further, a visit to the Jahanghir Mahal is a great way to revisit the past and get a rich slice of the medieval times. The palace proudly stands today as a true memorial to the great friendship the two rulers – Orchha king and Mughal Emperor – enjoyed during the time. So, whenever you come to the historical town of Orchha, visit this splendid palace for sure.