Irpu Falls or Iruppu Falls is not only one of the most popular waterfalls but one of the most popular tourist attractions as well in Coorg, Karnataka. The falls is a pure visual treat, a delight to those who savor the nature and its rich essences. Being here, relaxing and admiring the view of the falls is sure to please the senses no end, as the beauty of the place is just surreal.

Visitors to the Irpu Falls have to navigate entirely through a path which is densely wooded. In the summer, the falls takes the shape of a narrow stream but when the rainy seasons comes, it returns back to its pristine glory and then displays is true beauty. Although rain is the source of waters to this falls, visitors can expect to get stunning view right through the year.

Apart from natural beauty, the Irpu Falls has a strong religious or mythological significance. It’s believed that Lord Rama spent some time in these forests during the period of the banishment. The presence of Rameshwara temple at the base of the hills further testifies the legend. So, whenever you are in Coorg, take some time out and visit this mesmerizing falls and fall in love with the nature and its unrivalled beauty!