A mere mention of the Howrah Bridge evokes romance and ride. After all, it’s one of the most iconic landmarks located in West Bengal, India. Built in 1942 by Jessop Construction Company, the bridge is also known as RabindraSetu and remains a major attraction in the state. More importantly, this bridge connects Howrah and Kolkata, and is maintained by the Kolkata Port Trust.

The construction of Howrah Bridge was started on 1936 and ended in 1942 and it was opened for public in the same year. It’s a marvel of engineering and the amazing fact is, it was made of steel, about 26,500 tons of steel. Right from the beginning, it has carried a huge traffic daily basis and the scenario is no different even today.

Further, Howrah Bridge is so popular that it comes to mind instantly when anyone speaks about Kolkata. It is a major draw for those interested in a piece of history and also in amazing photography. The best view of the Bridge comes from the middle of the river. It has attracted the attention of film directors as well as any Bollywood films had been shot on this bridge, such as Burfi, Love Aaj Kal & Gunday.