The historical town of Hampi, Karanataka has some of really well-maintained temples in the region and Hazara Rama Temple is one of them. The temple symbolizes the architectural finesse of the legendary Vijayanagar dynasty. It has sculptures of epic Ramayana and Mahabharata and also believed to be among the largest temples dedicated to Lord Ram. Built in 15th century by King Devaraya I, it has massive panel depicting the legends of Ramayana.

Hazara Rama Temple is a major attraction in Hampi drawing devotees and visitors alike for its splendid architecture and maintenance. Tall and elegant pillars are visual highlights of the temple while rising compound walls encircle the entire complex. A beautiful pillar hall adds to the charm of the temple along with panels and sculptures. More so, it’s the only temple in the region to have a chiseled compound wall.

The exterior walls of the Hazara Rama Temple portray the entire story of Ramayana and win over the hearts of visitors. From the birth of Rama to his childhood to his being a king, all is depicted beautifully on the walls. For its structures and unique architecture, the temple remains a major attraction in Hampi. During the festival times of Dussehra and Ramnavami, it’s heavily decorated and becomes a magnet for locals and visitors alike.