The historical city of Gwalior Madhya Pradesh is worth a visit for its serene surroundings and for the legendary Gwalior Fort. Located some 5 km off the main city, the fort delights for its architectural worth as well as for its picturesque environs. Away from the chaos and bustle of the city, the magnificent Gwalior Fort stands proudly on a steep mass of sandstone and invites history and art from all parts of India.

Spreading over an area of 3 square km, the Gwalior fort is encircled by concrete walls of sandstone and comprises 3 temples, 6 palaces and numerous water tanks. At one time, it was rated the most invincible fortress in the whole of North and Central India. Built by Raja Man Singh Tomar in the 15th century, the fort has been witness to many ups and downs, and change of ownership as well. 

Starting from the Tomars, the Gwalior Fort went in the possessions of the Mughals, Marathas and the British before finally being acquired by the Scindias. Some of important attractions of the fort include Teli-ka-Mandir, Saas-Bahu Temples, Man Singh Palace, Jauhar Kund, Karan Palace, Jahangir Mahal, Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gujri Mahal. Visit Gwalior Fort to get a rich slice of history spanning over five hundred years.