Gohar Mahal is one of the most beautiful and popular structures in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Built by the first woman ruler of Bhopal in 1820, it’s a perfect mix of Hindu and Mughal style architecture and invites art and architecture lovers from all parts of India. Presently, it hosts most of events, cultural programs and promotional exhibitions of the city. The exhibition is mostly related to original handicraft, pottery and cloth.

Gohar Mahal is a famous destination for tourist here attracting local and foreign visitors alike. Considered a symbol of communal harmony, it has a unique design and pattern that makes it beautiful and also makes it a major attraction for tourists. Tourists here like to visit its new market and get the best experience of shopping. This Mahal is a heart of the city and everyone can reach here easily. 

Gohar Mahal is much more than a peek into the art and architecture as a visit here is sure to provide fun and enrichment. Visitors can also enjoy boating facilities nearby and enjoy their stay for sure. Although this Mahal has lost some of its original charm and is undergoing restoration, it still has enough to give a visit and have a memorable outing with the family.