Gaumukh Temple or ‘mouth of the cow’ in English is in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, and considered among the most sacred places for Hindus. Dedicated to Nandi, the divine bull of Lord Shiva, the temple is thus thronged in hordes by the followers of Lord Shiva. For devotees or tourists coming here, the sight of the water stream falling off the mouth of the bull statue remains one of major attractions here. 

Along with Nandi, the entrance of Gaumukh Temple also has the statue or idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Rishi Vashishth. Those who come here have to climb 700 stairs to reach at the temple. While climbing up the stairs to reach the temple, visitors will surely like a panoramic view and scenic beauty of the surrounding area. A big number of devotees and tourists visit this temple every year. 

Once in Mount Abu, you must visit Gaumukh Temple as it ranks among the most popular sites in the town. Visitors should avoid coming here during monsoon or at odd night hours as the temple is located amidst thick forest. This ancient site is believed to belong to the time Rishi Vashishth lived here and as per historical records or legends, performed a yagna here. The site of Yagna - Agni Kund – draws crowds in big numbers.