Located in Chittorgarh Fort, Gaumukh Reservoir is shaped like the mouth of cow, hence named as Gaumukh. Also known as ‘Tirth Raj’, the water which collects in the reservoir flows through cow’s mouth and no one knows from where this water comes from. Situated on western side of Chittorgarh fort, the flowing of water here continues 365 days, and in summer time, flow of water is slow.

Gaumukh Reservoir is located in scenic location which attracts many tourists. Goddess Lakshmi statue and Lord Shiva ling are situated at point where water falls from cow’s mouth. Whenever devotees and pilgrims go on tour for Hindu spiritual places, they come here for completion of holy journey. This place is not crowded and is very peaceful.

Another attraction near Gaumukh Reservoir is Rani Bindar tunnel. It is believed that this tunnel leads to chamber where Princess Padmini performed Sati. Around 84 water bodies were built in 700 hectares of fort area, and presently only 22 water bodies sustain. The water is here in such quantity that it can quench thirst of 50,000 lives for four years. The view of this water pool is mesmerizing during sunset, as pool is at elevated height which provides perfect view.