The Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, some 32 km away from Bikaner, Rajasthan, is a popular spot for tourists and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The sanctuary is steeped in historical value as it served as a favorite hunting spot for the Maharaja of Bikaner. Presently, it’s used as a site to persevere a huge variety of wild animals. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna and attars tourists from all parts of the world. 

A visit to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary gives tourists a chance to see and gaze at a huge variety of wild animals in their natural habitat.  Some of species include black buck, chinkara, deer, wild fowls, antelope, wild boars and desert fox. This sanctuary is a perfect way to take a peek into rich diversity the wildlife of the region. For nature lovers and bird watchers, this place is a real treat!

Apart from animals, Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary has a big variety of exotic birds as tourists can savor their sight. Inside the sanctuary, there is a lake and the water body makes the place even more beautiful. The lake is a source of water for all the animals and birds in this sanctuary; it’s the reason why migratory birds flow in here and add to the charm of the place.