Built in 1644 in Chennai, then known as Madras, Fort St. George was constructed by British East India. Located on Bay of Bengal, this fort is first establishment of British in India. Once it was headquarter of East India Company and today it is home to historic landmarks, government offices and museum. The fort has famous museum, St Mary’s church and Wellesley House. It is open daily and there’s an entry fee as well.

Primarily, Fort St. George was divided into two sections: St. Mary’s Church and Fort museum. St. Mary’s church has earned the reputation of being oldest Anglican Church as well as surviving church built by British in India. This beautiful building still holds the splendid beauty of yore. The church remains open daily, excluding Sunday. Another amazing structure here is 150ft tall Flagstaff which is made of teakwood.

In Fort Museum, globetrotters can expect to see 10 well-presented galleries that highlight the high standard living of British. It showcases scores of artefact such as medals, coins, letters, paintings, etc. In front of museum, there is 14.5 feet tall statue of Lord Cornwallis which was shipped to India from Britain. Furthermore, this museum of Fort St. George is open from Saturday to Thursday and has admission fees.