The Ellora Caves are a World Heritage Site and rank among the most visited sites in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. The Caves are a stunning complex of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples from 6th to 10th centuries AD. The complex has 34 caves in all and among those, 17 are Hindu caves, 12 are Buddhist caves and the rest, 5, are Jain caves.  

A visit to the Ellora Caves gives tourists an opportunity to understand ancient India and its patronage to art and architecture in the perfect manner. Carved out of the Charanandri Hills, the construction of these intricately carved caves was coincided with the decline of the Buddhism and re-assertion of Hinduism. These caves also serve a strong peek into the erstwhile religious tolerance of India.    

At Ellora Caves, tourists get an opportunity to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the coexistence of structures from three diverse religion makes for a delightful watch. These caves are an unrivalled masterpieces of art and architecture giving a peek into the ethos and spirit of ancient India and its glory. So, whenever you’re in the state of Maharashtra, don’t forget visiting these really awesome caves.