The valleys of Mahabaleshwar in Satara district Maharashtra are among the popular tourist attractions in the state. These valleys have natural and scenic beauty and capture the imagination for their sheer beauty and tranquility. Just 7 km from the hilly station of town of Mahabaleshwar is located the popular attraction Elephant's Head Point – among the most picturesque view points of this charming hilly region.

The spot catches the attention as much for natural beauty as much for its uniqueness – it has rock formations of varied shapes. Elephant's Head Point or Needle Hole Point is located at an elevation of some 1300 meter above the sea level and is basically an overhanging cliff in the shape of an elephant trunk and head. This is how it got the name – Elephant’s Head Point.

Here, you can easily spot a natural rock formation with a hole in between. This is also the reason why it’s called Needle Hole. From this point, visitors will get a stunning view of the Sahyadri Mountain Range. Near this place are also Kate's Point and Echo Point. So, if you ever happen to be in this hill station area, take some time out and visit this amazing place and get beautiful viewpoints of the mountains.