The Elephanta Caves are a one-hour ferry ride from the city of Mumbai and takes tourists away from the chaos to tranquility. These ancient caves are located on the Elephanta Island and they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. This 7th century site or island was originally known as Gharapuri but the Portuguese renamed it and gave it the current identity.  

 A visit to the Elephanta Caves gives an opportunity to experience and enjoy a quiet and picturesque island. The Caves are also popular for their intricate architecture and they are a pure treat to art lovers. Here, a giant Mahesamurti statue is housed plus the iconic sculpture depicting Lord Shiva in his three-headed aspect. There are several sculptures showcasing the feats of Shiva.  

At Elephanta Caves, tourists get a chance to enjoy scenic beauty together with understanding sculptures and their artistic intricacies. Many statues of Lord Shiva are present here showcasing his accomplishments, grace and varied emotions, at all once. If you happen to be here in the month of February, you can then be a part of a spectacular dance festival hosted by the state government.