Covering an area of 490.3 sq. km in the Terai of Uttar Pradesh and on the Indo-Nepal border in the Lakhimpur Khiri District is the Dudhwa National Park – a popular national park. The park is a true testament to the diverse Terai ecosystem with being the home to a big number of endangered species and wet grasslands. Before being declared a nation park in 1977, it had been existing since 1958 as a wildlife sanctuary for swamp deer.

Since 1987, the Dudhwa National Park is a tiger reserve and is included in the government’s Tiger Project’. Tigers continue to be a major attraction at the park whose population is healthy even today. At one time, some two decades back, their number stood at around 100. The park also has a healthy population of Swamp deer. Some of popular animals in the park include barking deer, spotted deer, Indian rhinoceros, sloth bear, leopard cat, civets, fishing cat etc.

The Dudhwa National Park has over 350 species of birds and some of them include Bengal florican, swamp francolin, great slaty woodpecker. A wide variety of migratory birds are also found here during winters. Wildlife enthusiasts here can enjoy safari by hiring jeep or mini bus and watch animals in their natural habitat. So, come to the Dudhwa and satiate your cravings of watching flora and fauna.