Dublar Char is a beautiful Island located at the border of the sunderban, West Bengal. This Island is known for its beauty, fishing and picturesque scenes. In fact, fishing is one of the most enjoyable and fun activities on this island. It’s also the best place to celebrate Rash Mela and holy bath - Hindu festival celebrated for the last 200 years. A lot of people come here from different parts to celebrate this festival.

October to November is the best time to visit this place and participate in one of the oldest festivals of Rash Mela and holy bath. You can also find different type of wild animals. Dublar Char is also an ideal place for many birds like kingfishers and egrets and it also attracts tourists and adventure lovers in equal number. Fishing and flying kites are two adventurous activities most enjoyed here.

Visit Dublar Char if you want to enjoy nature and adventure in right dosages. Throw in the religious piety in the mix and then this island becomes a must-visit for its all-round charms. Budget hotels and resorts are available for tourists so accommodation won’t be a problem here. Once here, you would love clicking pictures of sunrise and sunset to return back home with loads of cherished memories for sure.