Situated above 1000 feet above sea level, Dolphin’s Nose is a popular tourist place which offers breathtaking views. Located in Coonoor, it is a unique rock formation with its peak resembling the nose of Dolphin and that’s from where it gets this name. It is 174 meters high and view of Catherine Falls from this height is otherworldly. The drive up to this place is breathtaking with wonderful views of tea plantations.

Dolphin’s Nose’s rock in sea forms headland on which is lighthouse. The powerful beam of this lighthouse directs ships 65 KMs away. There are good roads to reach this place from Vizagcity. It is approx. 25KMs drive with three ways to reach here. One way is to reach boating point of sea, second route is via Navy route and third is climbing the hill. For second route, prior permission is required.

There are huge ravines on both sides - left and right of Dolphin's Nose. Apart from this, there are various places to visit: temple in Venkateswara hill, Masjid in Darga Hill, St. Johns Church, Lamb's Rock, Sim's Park, Droog Fort, Law's Falls, Katary Falls and Lady Canning Seat. Additionally, this place has an Army base camp for British in 18th century.