On the west cost of India and in Diu Union Territory is located the imposing and marvelous Diu Fort. This 15th century fort was built by the Portuguese during their colonial rule of the Diu Island. The main town is to the west side of the fort and this mammoth structure came a result of the alliance between the Sultan of Gujarat (Bahadur Shah) and the Portugesse to counter the risks of the Mughal Emperor (Humayun).

The Diu Fort is a powerful legacy of the Portuguese rule over the island which lasted for 424 years (started in 1537 and ended in 1961). It took a continuous work of six months from Portuguese to build this large remarkable structure on the coast of the Diu Island. The fort borders the sea from three sides and gives a dazzling view of the water. 

While the outer wall of the Diu Fort was constructed along the coast line, bastions were made on the inner wall to mount guns. Between the walls, a double moat was created to lend security to the fort from enemy attacks. Three entry gates were built and in them, the main gate had five large windows.  

In the evenings, tourists can get a charming view of the Panikotha fort in the sea while at the top of the Diu Fort, theyc can still see several canons. Inside the fort complex are located three main churches namely St. the Thomas Church, Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the St. Paul’s Church.