No place captures the true essence of the historical city of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh as much as the Dinman Hardaul's Palace. More than the art, architecture and history, the palace is a testament to fraternal love and its zenith. This architectural marvel was built to honor a local hero –Hardaul – who had to commit suicide to prove his innocence and fidelity to his elder brother.

As per the historical legend, the Dinman Hardaul's Palace was constructed to honor a religious leader who was suspected for unfaithfulness to his elder brother. The palace holds great value for the locals even today as  Dinman Hardaul was revered a lot and continues to command great respect centuries later. The palace in fact was constructed by the collective efforts of the locals who help Hardaulin great esteem.

The grandeur of the Dinman Hardaul's Palace and architecture is truly matchless and that’s why, it invites a big number of visitors every year. The sprawling palace stands all amidst the scenic backdrop of River Betwa and evokes awe and respect from visitors in equal measures. The edifice of this imposing palace is a testament to the artistic skills and creative imagination of the local craftsmen who shaped it and offered to the world.