Dhanushkodi Temple is anancient and historical temple on the southern tip of India. Sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, the temple is some 18 kms from Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, and can also be reached via road. Surrounded by waters on all four sides, this temple has strong association with Lord Rama and this island is considered a place where some instances of the story of Ramayan took place.

Dhanushkodi Temple is thus a famous pilgrim place for the followers of Lord Rama. The 500-1000 years old shrine has an idol of Lord Rama holding his vow or kothandam. This is the reason why it’s also called as Kothandaramaswamy Temple. As per the legend, it’s the place where Vibhishana, younger brother of demon king Ravana, met Lord Rama and vowed to defeat his evil sibling.

More so, Dhanushkodi Temple is also considered the place where Lord Rama crowned Vibhishana as the next Lanka king after defeating and killing Ravana. The same story is depicted in the interior wall paintings of the shrine. Many people don’t know how the 1964 cycle almost destroyed the temple but its building still remains intact. You should visit this amazing temple to experience the sense of spirituality in India.