Located in Sarnath near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Dhamek Stupa is consided one of the most famous Buddhist stupas in the world. Made of red bricks and stone, this stupa is solid and cylindrical shaped and believed to be originally built in 249 BCE. The structure has witnessed several expansions and additions from the time of being constructed during the rule of king Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty.

Standing at a height of 43.6 m and having a diameter of 28 m,Dhamek Stupa is significant because it’s here Lord Buddha preached the first sermon to his five disciples. To worship Lord Buddha and to circumambulate the sacred stupa, a huge number of tourists, including Buddhist pilgrims, come here from all parts of the world. The place renowned worldwide for being a center of Buddhist architecture and culture.

Dhamek Stupa is as much popular for its spiritual significance as much for its unique architecture. Its lower part is entirely covered with visuallyappealing carved stones and its base dates back to the Maurayan period. The walls of the stupa are adorned with Brahmi scripts and they also have floral designs and figurines of animals and birds. This stupa is worth the visit and you should to feel the pinnacle of spirituality.