Located in the town of Kodaikanal, Devil’s Kitchen is deep cleft which is interesting as well as dangerous place. Lying between three gigantic Pillar rocks and Green Valley, this place is a natural magnet to plenty of tourists who come here all year around. This is a deep narrow and hidden valley which resembles dark trench but are deep, and are must visit spot for adventure enthusiasts.

The Pillar rocks around Devil’s Kitchen are formed from erosion of soil from cliffs. There are dark chambers between rocks inhabited by bats, and visitors have to beware of these bats. Apart from bats, there are chances to see several bird species and wild animals. It is good place to capture elegant photos. Additionally, it is believed that Pandavas had stayed at this place for some time.

Devil’s Kitchen is also known as Guna Caves, because Tamil movie ‘Guna’ was shot here. There were various unfortunate happenings that took place here; this area is highly protected now. Visitors can see cave structure from distance only. The best time to visit this place is from April to June and then August and September, when weather is at its best.  Furthermore, it is open from 7 AM to 7 PM.