Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Kutch, Gujarat and is declared a wildlife century in February 1986. This century is spread at an area of 7506 s.q Km area and is one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas in the region. During the monsoon season, the average depth reaches between 0.5 to 1.5 meter and where Tourists can watch various species of flamingo birds.

Due to he popularity of flamingo birds, this place is renamed as “Flamingo City”, and located in the mudflats of the Rann of Kutch. Kutch is the only one place in India where flamingo come and breed regularly. This place is a heaven for nature lovers and this sanctuary is a home of various species like hyenas, chinkaras, wolves, and foxes. This place is also attract researcher and has recovery of various fossils of crocodiles and dinosaurs.

According to history researchers, this place was also a part of the great Harappan civilization. This sanctuary is rich with various rare wildlife animals, sneaks, birds and lizards. It also has two beautiful hills Kala Dungar and Goro Dungar along with village Ponds and agricultural land. Nilgai, Wild Ass and the Black Buck are easily seen in this sanctuary. This sanctuary is covered with forest and wasteland land.