The Desert National Park located near the city of Jaisalmer and Barmer in Rajasthan, is one of largest national parks spread over an area of 3162 sq. kms. of the Thar Desert. This park is home to many species of animals and birds including the highly endangered ‘The Great Indian Bustard (GIB)’. According to a 2014 survey, The Thar Desert has witnessed 38 GIBs, which is the highest population of these birds among all the Bustard Sanctuaries.

The great Indian Bustard is also the state bird of Rajasthan and is quickly disappearing from many of its habitats. The number in Thar Desert has recently decreased from 36 to 28 to just 13 as per a study conducted by Rajasthan Forest Department in October 2015.Basis such alarming figures, the Government of Rajasthan has taken many initiatives for protecting this magnificent bird around Desert National Park. It has introduced a conservation programme called ‘Project Great Indian Bustard’ to sustain the highest population of GIB in Thar Desert.

The Desert National Park is visited by countless tourists and travelers as it offers to have a glimpse into the forest and its wildlife within their natural habitats. And, if you get a chance to see a critically endangered species like Great Indian Bustard: it becomes a lifetime opportunity to visit this Sanctuary.