Deer park is located at Narayan Diwai about 3 km from Almora - a popular hill station of Uttrakhand discovered and developed by the British Government. This place is a cultural heart of the city with the park covered with Oak and tall pine trees adding more value to its natural beauty. This park is most popular among the tourists wishing to see myriad species of animals like deer, leopard, and Himalayan Black Bear.

Deer Park is also home to various wildlife animal and also has a large collection of rare animals. It’s rich in flora and fauna and offers an amazing environment for tourists. It’s one of the interesting places for tours and also for tourists who love the quietness and beauty of nature. This place is popular for Walking, Jogging and Weekend Outing for local tourists.

This place is rich with natural beauty with pine trees becoming eye candy of the park. It’s an ideal place for photography lovers as they can capture the real essence of the place and make cherished memories. You can visit it and feel the nature from close range. You can enjoy myriad charms of the wildlife and will surely return home a lot happier.