Daulatabad Fort is a magnificent 12th century structure that stands proudly on a hill about 16 km northwest of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Built by Raja Bhillamraj, the fort passed through the hands of several Deccan dynasties in its course of existence but it’s still intact. It’s the Sultan of Delhi, MuhamadTuglaq, who gave the city its name ‘Daulatabad’ (city of fortune) and since then, the fort got its name. 

A rock-hewn fortress of imposing proportion, Daulatabad Fort ranks among the best preserved forts in the world. Lying in the midst of an isolated hill, the fort has witnessed a series of plots, intrigues and all that drama and cheating for its possessions. Much of the fortification here took place during the time of Muhammad Tughlak. From cannons to battlements, all got added to the fort during that time itself.

Daulatabad Fort was made secure through a 5 km strong wall and series of complicated defenses. It later added a 30 meter high Chand Minar (Tower) with 3 circular balconies to boost the defenses further. Some features of the fort and its structure carry a resemblance to the famed QutubMinar in Delhi with Persian inscription also found there. Do visit the fort to get a peek into the eventful history of the region and understand the architectural finesse.