Near Hampi and in the Ballari district of Karnataka is the famous Daroji Bear Sanctuary – home to Sloth Bears. This sanctuary is the only place in India to spot the honey-lovers sloth bears. Apart from sloth bears, visitors to this place can also see a variety of animals as well including wild boards, mongoose, black-naped hares, jackals, leopards etc. The rugged terrain has a lot of possibilities to see animals of different variety.

A visit to the Daroji Bear Sanctuary means you are assured that sloth bears can be abundantly seen in its dense scrub-covered topographies. Most sloth bears are actually prefer to hide in the caves in the green-covered hillocks and whatever you see won’t tell the true story, or number for sure. There is a watch tower as well to get the view of the overall terrain andfeel great.

The unique Sloth Bear sanctuary is very close to this heritage site of Hampi so it’s possible to enjoy a slice of history, nature and wildlife with the trip. There can’t be a better place than this to come to the abode of Indian Sloth Bears. The sanctuary, set up in 1994, is basically the result of the massive effort of the Government of Karnataka that assigned 5,587.30 hectares of Bilikallu reserve forest to sloth bears.