The Cubbon Park is the reason why the city of Bangalore is called the “Garden City of India”. This goes on to show how much beautiful the park must be. Stretching well over some 250 acres, the park dates back to 1864 when it was laid by then viceroy of India – Sir Marc Cubbon – and thus, gets the name from there itself. The park is a true paradise to nature lovers, and also for joggers and walkers alike.

The Cubbon Park is filled with rolling lawns, trees and flowerbeds all around and make a perfect backdrop for a peace and solitude in the midst of beauty. The park houses a number of neo-classical styled government buildings and amongst them, one is the State Assembly Building or VidhanaSoudha. Not to forget the toy train that is a pure treat for children and offers them great entertainment.

Visitors as well as locals head to the park to enjoy its charms and quite together. It has foundations and a bandstand, which were added later on in the park. When the fountains are lit in the evening, the park reaches to a crescendo of luminance beyond description. So, once you happen to be in Bangalore, take some time out and come to this magnificent park for sure!