Church of Scotland is known for its excellent stone and artwork. This church was constructed more than a hundred years ago. It’s designed in Scottish architecture style which was built by simple bricks and that is simply the reason behind its matchless beauty. This church is also known as St Andrew’s Church and was built by the Protestant Christians in 1903.

Located in the midst of lush green surroundings, the St. Andrew's Church looks beautiful in every sense of the way and also paints a magnificent picture. No damage or no renovation work has ever been done to this church. There is also a small library which has rich collection of rare books or photography. All the books represent the history and culture of Dalhousie.

The church authority constructed a wall boundary to protect this structure from any destruction. Filled with the memories of British regime, the Church of Scotland is a major tourist spot in Dalhousie visited by foreign or local tourists all through the year.  There are 3 more churches in Dalhousie area. St. John is the oldest one which was built in 1863. St. Francis in 1894, and St. Patrick in 1909. These churches attract large number of worshipers and followers.