Located in Chamba, Church of Scotland was built by Rev. William Freguson in 1863. Also known as St. Andrew’s Church or Presbyterian Church, it is built in Scottish style architecture. Constructed with lance windows and dressed-stone structure, the building attracts attention of millions of visitors. Erected by Raja Sham Singh, this church was gifted to Church of Scotland mission for Christian community.

Built with fine stone masonry, one of the major highlights of Church of Scotland is lancer arch windows, which provides ventilation and light. This church is renowned for its buttress, lancer arch windows and fine stone work. The walls of this church are supported by buttresses. Constructed in the presence of Scottish monk Dr. M'Clymont - came from Scotland, several social activities like free education, medicine facilities are run by this missionary.

Other major attractions near Church of Scotland are Sarol, Katasan Devi Temple, Chamera Lake, Saho, Jhamwar, Pangi Valley, Salooni, Bhandal Valley, Bhuri Singh Museum, Hari Rai Temple, Chamunda Temple, Rang Mahal and more. The nearest railway station is at Rishikesh at distance of 60 KM. The nearest airport is at Dehradun - Jolly Grant Airport, which is 8 KM away. Additionally, one can reach here through road as well.