The Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pondicherry is a subtle beauty and an architectural gem in true sense. A wonderful example of neo-Gothic architecture, the church is a celebrated pilgrimage center for Roman Catholic Christians. Established in 1908 by French missionaries, it depicts the life of Christ and saints of the Catholic Church through rare glass panels. Rightly so, it ranks among the finest churches of Pondicherry.

The first basilica in Pondicherry, the 18th meter high church has the length and width of respectively 50 and 48 meters. Beautiful glass windows, twin spires and a huge exterior lend it a unique appeal and become the reason of its architectural grandeur. The entire structure is supported by 24 columns where terracotta motifs embellish the walls reminding of the distinctive essences of the south Indian architecture.

The glass paintings of the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus depict and a striking statue of Madonna are further attractions. Over the years, the church complex has seen some additions as well and its elegant exteriors continue to drape a unique radiance at daybreak and sunset. During Christmas, the entire place turns lively as the festival celebrations gain a feverish pitch amid great pomp and grandeur.