About 13 km from Mysore in Karnataka and on the top of Chamundi Hills is located the renowned Chamundeshwari Temple. Dedicated to Chamundeshwari or Durga, the temple is visited for a huge number of devotees every year. It’s considered the most popular temple in Mysore since goddess Chamundi is the presiding deity here. The Maharajas of Mysore gave patronage to this temple, helped expand it and give it a shape of a big temple.     

Till 18th century, human and animal sacrifices were rampant at this temple but this practice was banned thereafter. Made in the Dravidian style, the temple has a   quadrangular structure with a pyramidal tower at the entrance and a sliver-plated doorway with a small statue of Lord Ganesha. A small tower of Vimana is located on the top of the sanctum sanctorum which lends it a special appeal.   

Dussera festival is celebrated with great favor at Chamundeshwari Temple with special prayers offered to the Goddess for all 10 days and Vedas chanted ad music performance held. These festivities are very popular in the region and attract devotees by the thousands. The temple is a perfect example of the support and benefaction the Wodeyars of Mysore provided in making the temple popular and big in stature.