Chamunda Devi Temple is another beautiful Hindu temple in Kangra which is situated on the bank of the stunning Baner River. The temple is one of famous religious sites in this region and is believed to be 750 years old. This temple is dedicated to Lord Goddess Kali, who is another incarnation of Goddess Durga. In this temple, the statue of the deity is wrapped with red cloth so that devotee doesn’t touch the deity.

There is a beautiful stone lingam, which depicts the presence of god Shiva. Inside the temple there are marble stairs which take you down to the cave of shiva shrine. The images of Lord Bhairav and Lord Hanuman are kept with this shrine. The name of Chmunda is a combination of “Chanda” and “Munda”. It is said that Goddness Ambika killed the two devils, Munda and Chanda in a fight.

There are several images of various gods in this temple and tourists can see them and capture them in his memories. The location of Chamunda Devi Temple makes this place unique and also a popular attraction for tourists. This place is surrounded by dense and tall pine and deodar tree and majestic mountains Dhauladhar Himalayan chain. You can visit the temple and enjoy nature and feel spiritual at the same time.