The Champaner Archaeological Park is a wonderful world heritage site located in Champaner, Gujarat. Champaner is a historical and cultural city of Gujarat built by sultan Mahmud Begada in 1484. It was also the capital of Gujarat in 16 BC.  The main attraction of this park is umpteen number of splendid architectures that attracts lots of tourists all over the world. 

The design of the Champaner Archaeological Park is a mix of Hindu and Muslim architecture. This place ideal for history and photography lovers and you can easily reach here from the city of Baroda by bus and local transports. The main attract of this place is Jami Masjid – one of the most the famous mosques in Gujarat which was built in 1325. This Masjid is also known by its name Jumma and Friday mosque.

A visit to the Champaner Archaeological Park is a must for those love history and curious about the past of the country. The mosque here is among the oldest and largest Islamic monuments in the state of Gujarat. At just 50 km away from Baroda, this city should be on your list when you happen to be in Gujarat. Come here and get a slice of history.