Chakratirth Beach is a beautiful place to the south west of the Diu Island, the Indian Union Territory in Gujarat. Tepid waters and gardens abutting the shore are prime attractions at this charming beach that attracts a big number of tourists every year. The place is perfect for swimming and beachgoers will have a great time as there is an open air auditorium which also works as a changing room. 

In the vicinity of the Chakratirth Beach is a famous ancient Shiva Temple and you should give it a visit for sure. Sunbathing is a major activity at this place as the beach features among the most spectacular in the region. A combination of sun, sand and sea can be enjoyed here together with relishing the nature and its rich essences on your trip. You can be here to get the blissful solitude in plenty.  

A trip to Chakratirth Beach means you can get a chance to sit for hours, enjoy a picnic with family and savor the sun. The nearby attraction of INS Khukhri where you can pay reverence to the memorial for the martyrs of the 1971 war. The best time to visit the beach is from November till March. So, plan your trip accordingly and feel the nature in a cool and wholesome weather conditions.