The Chhatris of Orchhain Madhya Pradesh are a pride piece of historical buildings by the Betwa River. These chhatris or cenotaphs are empty tombs of past kings of Orchha. A visit to these tombs makes you feel like the time has really frozen here as things here appear eerily similar to what they did some hundred years ago. You can sit here, feel tranquility and get a slice of history.  

The chhatris of Orchha may not get tourists beyond a handful but this does not take away their vast historical significance. They were built in the memory of the Bundela kings and other members of the dynasty. They are 14 in total but each of them has a unique design and their significance too depends on whom it belongs to. These cenotaphs near Kanchan Ghat were built where royals were cremated.

Among all the cenotaph, the one belonging to Vir Singh Deo is the most popular as it has design is beautiful and its architecture is unique. In fact, each cenotaph looks a bit different from another which is due to the uniqueness of design. These triple-storied chhatris are a great way to revisit the past and get a peek into the times and grandeur of the Bundelas.