Located in Kotagiri, Catherine Falls is double-cascaded waterfall and is major tourist spot. At the distance of 20 Kms from Coonoor, this fascinating waterfall falls from 250 feet and is the second largest waterfalls in Nilgiris. Surrounded by tea plantations, Mettupalayam plains and beautiful views of forest, the falls are visible from Dolphin’s Nose. Accessible from Kotagiri side as well, these falls reach plains and form Kallar River.

Catherine Falls is named after wife of M.D.Cocburn who was a coffee planter in Yercaud and Kitagiri. The native name of this falls is Geddhehaada Halla, which means "Foothills Dale River". Apart from scenic views, it is also a good trekking destination. One can go trekking in Longwood Shola Forest which is at distance of 3 KM from Kotagiri, with prior permission only.

Though it is not possible to reach top of hills or foot of Catherine Falls, but one can enjoy the spectacular view from hill. From Aravenu on the Kotagiri, travelers can go via Moon Road to reach here. It is only nearest road to falls which can be reached by private vehicles. There is about 2-3 KMs trek from the nearest road to reach the falls. Apart from this, tourists visit Elk falls or Uyillatti Falls.