The island of Daman on the west coast of India is a place with strong Portuguese connection and also with a lot of history and monuments. The Cathedral of Bom Jesus features among the most famous religious monuments here, which is a 16th century structure with architectural merits. It’s a pinnacle of design and craftsmanship, and invokes rich legacy of the colonial rule in India. 

A treat to the eyes and a structure of great architectural merit, the Cathedral of Bom Jesus is an old shrine and is in the Moti Daman region of Daman. Built in AD 1603, the cathedral coincides with the initial years of the Portuguese reign in Daman. Further, the cathedral depicts exquisite Roman style of architecture and showcases the fusion of remarkable engineering artistry of the Portuguese.

In addition, the Cathedral of Bom Jesus has intricately carved gateways and attractively adorned interiors which make it a unique peace of architecture. Remarkable wooden altars and six statues of revered saints add further heft to the monument. A big number of tourists visit this cathedral every year to revisit the history and enjoy merits of architecture. So, visit the monument and enjoy your trip to the beautiful Daman.