Located in western Kutch, India, Bustard Sanctuary is one of the two Great Indian Bustard Sanctuaries. Acquired notification in 1992, the main purpose to build this sanctuary was to save Great Indian Bustard from effects of hunting and poaching. Kutch being the area of varied vegetation, comprises of deserts, grasslands, marshy swamps and wetlands, this sanctuary is majorly a grassland area dotted with dry grass and desert vegetations of thorns.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is spread in 2 square kilometers but is home to excellent species including common cranes, harriers, sand grouses, black partridges, quails, Black and Grey Francolin, coursers, larks, flamingos, plover, herons, shrikes, egrets, Imperial Eagle, etc. Other wild animals which can be seen here desert cat, wolf, fox, caracal, mongoose, jackal, bluebull, striped hyena, spiny tailed lizard, chinkara and snakes.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is considered as unique dwelling for birds which are becoming extinct such as birds with long neck and ostrich. The best time to visit this sanctuary is October to March. One can reach here by bus, and nearest bus station is at the distance of 20 KMs – Nalia; the nearest railway station is also at Nalia, and nearest airport is at Bhuj which is 110 KMs away.