The Palani Hills are mountain ranges lying to the east of the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu. These ranges spread over 2068 sq. kms. and are well known for its Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks. The Bison Wells located 30 kms from the renowned hill station of Kodaikanal in these mountain ranges, attracts many visitors due to the presence of varied flora and fauna and wildlife. Some of frequently found animals are Indian Bison, birds, elephants, monkeys and deer.

Bison Wells is a wildlife zone having dense vegetation. A large number of bison in search of water, come here to drink water from the natural wells. And, this place got its name as ‘Bison Wells.’ The ecosystem of this wildlife Sanctuary serves as a habitat to many endangered species of plants and animals and is one of the 25 biodiversity zone.

It is also a most visited sites by Tourists as an opportunity to view animals and birds in their natural habitat along with striking natural sceneries of the Palani Hills. They can also undergo adventurous activities like hiking, trekking or wildlife photography.

Bison Wells no doubt, is treat for nature lovers, adventures and bird-watchers. The nearest airport is Coimbatore (200 kms) and Madurai 165 kms from Palani Hills. The nearest Railway station is Palani. One can also take a bus or a taxi from Madurai or Kodaikanal and reach Palani via road in 3 to 4 hours, enjoying a ride rich with scenic beauty and memorable experience.