Ooty in Tamil Nadu is a place of immense natural beauty. At some 20 km away from here is a small yet scenic village of Bellikkal which is a pure nature delight in the Majestic Blue Nilgiri Mountains. The Bison Valley is an endless range of greenery and forests and a perect place to spend a weekend in the serene environs. You can relax and unwind right in the lap of nature.

In Bison Valley, you find a peaceful and idyllic spot near Ooty dotted with vast expanses of greenery and a range of flora and fauna. Since Indian bison roam this valley freely, it’s thus rightly called the Bison Valley. The green scenery of the valley is further accentuated with the scented cardamom forests to offer a visual delight to the senses and mind together. .

Once here, you are assured of great views of the nilgiri slope, plus bisonsare always there to be seen. What’s more, your leisure trip to the valley lets you spot a variety of birds and elephants in the midst of enormous greenery all around. Come to this stunning value to savor the spellbinding views of the cardamom forests and enjoy leisurely walks on the meandering pathways.

A trip to Bison Valley gives the privilege to take part in mountain biking and trekking like adventure activities. The place is a paradise for bird-watchers and they can expect to see variety as different as woodpeckers, drongos, shrikes, and bulbuls. Pack your bag and be in the shelter of nature and enjoy its rich essences at the Bison Valley.