Bindu Sarovara is a small pond of water in Bhubaneswar which is considered sacred in Hindu religion. This Pond is surrounded by Lingaraj Temple. It is said that the Bindu Sarovara contains drops from all holy rivers in India. This tank is also known as Ocean Drop Tank. It's believed that this Pond was created by Lord Shiva by bringing water from all Holy Rivers in India.

It's also believed that those who take a dip in this lake will release their past sins and get rid of all the disease by drinking its holy water. This lake is 1,300 feet long and 700 feet wide and a small tiny island with several shrines in the middle of the lake. Bindu Sarovara is popular for conducting the ritual bath of Lord Lingaraj during the festival of Ashokastami.

There are small beautiful rocks on the bank of the lake which adds to the charm of this lake. At present this beautiful or peaceful lake is also a popular picnic spot among tourists. It is said that if you sit on the bank of this lake it will surely revitalize your soul. Apart from this, Bindu Sarovara is also famous for its traditions and also as the “City of the Temples”.