Beaches have always been a major tourist’s attraction for all age groups on account of both leisure and scenic beauty. One such appealing destination is The Malpe Beach located about 6 kms from the Udupi district in Karnataka. The beach is a natural port positioned at the mouth of Udayvara or Malpe River and is surrounded by beautiful islands having enchanting natural sites.

The virgin beach of Malpe is sure to leave you spell-bound with its clean blue waters, glowing sand bordered by lush green palm tree and vibrant blue sky as a roof above it. The entire view soothes the soul and refreshes the body offering a complete vacation.

One can also visit the four islands encircling the beach namely Daria-Bahadurgad in North, Kari-Illada-Kallu in South, Daria-Kadara-Kallu between North and South islands and lastly, the very famous St. Mary’s Island, easily accessible by boat from Malpe Beach. These beaches are visitors’ delight for they get to indulge in many recreational activities like boating, fishing, swimming, sea or sun bathing, windsurfing and many other water sports.

A visit to the enticing Beach of Malpe is a thus an absolute travel getaway. The closest airport is Mangalore which is 60 kms from Udupi. And the nearest Railway station is Udupi. Malpe is also well connected via road to Udupi, Mangalore and Bangalore.