Located in Goa, India, Basilica de Bom Jesus is the most famous and revered church by Christians worldwide. This church has mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier and is a UNESCO World heritage Site. It is the only church in Goa which is not plastered on the outside. The foundation stone of this large church was laid by Archbishop of Goa - Fr. Alexia de Menezes.

Basilica de Bom Jesus stands as a magnificent example of Baroque architecture of Goa. It is known as “Bom Jesus” which means ‘infant Jesus’ or ‘Good Jesus’. The façade of church has letters “HIS”, which are Greek letters used for Jesus. This imposing façade is built of exquisite combination of Corinthian, Doric and composite styles, and is remarkable. Additionally, this face measures 55 feet in breadth, 183 feet in length and 61 feet in height. 

Basilica de Bom Jesus’s interior has charming simplicity and is built in Mosaico-Corinthian style. The chapel’s interior is adorned with paintings which depicts the scenes of Saint and wooden carvings. There is beautiful silver statue which is kept in front of casket, and this silver casket contains scared relics of St. Francis Xavier body. On the northern side, there are flying buttresses which are recently added.