Barmer Fort in Barmer, Rajasthan, is a famous and historical fort. Located in Siwana Tehsil, the fort was built by Veernarayan, son of Raja Bhoj (a famous JaitamalRathore Rajput ruler). At present, the fort is not in the best of conditions as it’s losing its luster in course of the time. Even still, it’s a good place to visit and take a peek into the past of the area in those times.

In 1308, Barmer Fort fell into the hand of AlauddinKhilji and then Luntiga Chauhan took over and killed the Muslim battalion there. Since then, the fort was never taken over by any Sultan of Delhi. The mountains of Arvali Ranges encircle the town on four sides and lend the area a unique charm. During the monsoon, the area becomes even more beautiful due to the water-draped lush greenery all around.

A visit to Barmer Fort is a good way to experience the region and know a great deal about its history and eventful past. That apart, visitors here can also visit white marble marvel of Baba Ramdev Temple. The area is well-known for mines producing high-quality granite. So, when in and around Barmer, take some time out to visit the legendary fort and take a walk in the town’s past.