Some 8 km from the main city of Cuttack, the Barabati Fort is a well-known and historical piece of architecture in the state Oddisa. This 14th-century masterpiece was built during the Ganga dynasty is known for its carved gateway and also for offering a spectacular view of the main city. Situated on the river Mahanadi, the fort was built to fortification get protection from the enemy attacks.

Barabati Fort is a major attraction that lends the city of Cuttack a unique charm and provides its share of historical significance. Near the fort is also a temple dedicated to KatakChandi. The fort is basically the earthen mound of the 9-storied palace and its design is unique. Covering an area of about 102 acres, the fort is imposing with walls built with sandstone and laterite.

Over the years, many rules added to the rebuilding of the Barabati Fort and in present days, only ruins are found. Visitors here can also see the remains of the crumbled temple to feel the history and religiosity that town enjoyed during its heyday from 9th century to 15th century. So, when in Cuttack, take some time out to visit the ruins of the fort and revisit the history.