The city of Vrindavan, in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, has several beautiful and popular temples and the Bankey Bihari Temple is one of them. It’s considered amongst the holiest and Krishna Temples in India. A visit here gives visitors a chance to get familiar with legends and folklores of the Lord and take a dip into the piety. This temple was built in 1864 and Goswamis contributed a lot in its construction.

In this temple, Bankey Bihari Ji is worshiped as a child and festivals are celebrated in unique style. During festival times, a huge crowd of devotees visit the temple where the deity is dressed up and presented with offers matching with the season. Lights and flowers are used in elaborate manner to decorate the temple during festival times. This is one of those temples where no bells or conch are installed or found.

A visit to the Bankey Bihari Temple means getting a chance to submerge in the holy chant of ‘radhanaam’. A visit here means achieving bliss and calmness and devotees forget all their misery during the visit. Once you’re in Vrindavan, take some time out to visit this magnificent temple to feel bliss and feel blessed together.