The city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra has some really beautiful places belonging to the times of Mughal Empire. The Bani Begum Garden is one such place, located some 24 away from the main city which attracts visitors for its astonishing beauty on the back of lush green ambiance, fountains, fluted pillars and gigantic massive domes. This lush green garden derives its name from the Aurangzeb's son's wife -- Bani Begum.

More so, the Bani Begum Garden is a genuine testament to the pomp and brilliance of Mughal architecture. Inside the garden complex, and right in the center is located the tomb of Bani Begum encircled by many fluted pillars and domes. The beauty of the garden is matchless thanks to the presence of fountains amidst greenery. The garden attracts tourists in big number.

The Bani Begum Garden is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is at the outskirts which lends it more charm and makes it ideal for a relaxing outing. The garden is just perfect to spend some quality time with the family, enjoy a picnic and feel the serene ambiance of the place. So, if you ever happen to in Aurangabad, don’t forget visiting this wonderful garden for sure.