The majestic and imposing Bangalore Palace is the jewel in the crown of the southern IT City of Bangalore in Karnataka. The palace is as much popular for its history as for its unique architecture as it has wooden structure with marvelous carvings both inside and outside. A center to regular cultural events of big scale, the palace holds a place of great imminence and showcases the royal culture at its best. 

Starting from its construction in 1862, the Bangalore Palace has been a witness to change of ownership on numerous occasions – from the Wadiyar Dynasty to the British Empire. Some historians are of the opinion that the palace’s architecture is inspired by the Windsor Castle, England, but no such mentions are available in the records of the castle. Opened to the public since 2005, the palace displays a variety of items made from animals and their body parts, particularly elephants.   

The entire complex of Bangalore Palace, together with the beautiful gardens, is spread over a huge area of 456 acres. The fusion of various architectural styles are unmistakable in the palace – starting from the Tudor, - Victorian, Neo-classical and Edwardian styles. Floral motifs, wood carvings and cornices lace the interior a dash of style and elegance while the relief paintings make the ceiling breathtaking. In overall, the palace is truly magnificent when it comes to architecture.