At some 70 km from Mysore district of Karnataka state is located the Bandipur National Park, a popular wildlife sanctuary. Came into being in 1974 as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger, the park has a rich variety of flora and fauna and attracts nature lovers from all parts of the world. Stretching over an area of some 873 sq km, it was served as a private hunting joint for the princess of Mysore kingdom.    

A visit to the Bandipur National Park delights the sense with the captivating sight of the mist-covered peaks and lush green vegetation all around. It houses a big variety of animals and some of them include tigers, leopards, spotted deers, asiatic wild dogs etc. what’s more, the park is home to more than 230 species of birds to become a delight for ornithologists.  

Apart from rich collection of exotic birds, the park holds significance for its contribution towards nature conservation. Here, some 70 tigers are found and tourists can also expect to see animals like Dhole, Gaur and Asiatic elephants (over 3000 in number). Although the park remains open right through the year, it receives the highest football of tourists between March to October every year.