Bandhavgarh Hill is the uppermost hill in the reserve of Bandhavgarh with an altitude of 807 meters above the sea level. A group of several small hills, 32 in numbers, encircle this hill. These small hills jointly with Bandhavgarh hill forms many low deceitful plains and valleys. The hill is shaped by the sandstones and the water permeates from these hills are the sources of several streams and springs in the region.

The Bandhavgarh Hill is the specimen of pleasing usual magnificence and the cool climate over the hilly terrains make it a hill station for the fanatic tourists. The top of the hill is flat and various portions are muddy land as well. The green flora is solid in the downhill and as it goes up from the downhill, the flora reduces.

The hilly regions are natural habitat of numerous plants and animals. Not many extraordinary plant type are originate in these regions. From the hilltop, one can sight the panoramic views of the charming down valleys and plains.