Balsamand Lake is located 5 km from Jodhpur on Jodhpur-Mandore road. Built in 1159 AD, it is a popular picnic spot spread over an area of one km. The lake is also famous for the Balsamand palace which is located on its bank and is a well-known tourist attraction in Jodhpur.

The beautiful palace on the banks of Balsamand Lake was built as a summer fort for the Jodhpur kings. The splendid palace and the lake are surrounded by lush green gardens and abundant orchards of lime and pomegranate, giving it a distinguished tourist significance.

The palace owing to its unique location as the bank of the Balsmand lake and premium architecture, is now converted into a heritage hotel. It is famous for its Rajasthan ambience and cuisine and, offers a mesmerizing view of the lake along with pleasant lake breeze.

The Balsamand Lake with its overall beauty and surrounding seems to present itself as a peaceful and amiable escape from day-to-day busy life. When visited, one is sure to realize the ever inviting presence of the lake as a call to take a leave from the hassles of present day lifestyles.